We develop customized solutions through Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

About us

At Visaltium we are pioneers in Computer Vision solutions and services that incorporate the latest technologies. Our way of working is based on the passion for innovation and collaboration with our clients to transform their challenges into opportunities. With a team of Artificial Intelligence experts, software engineers and data scientists, we are committed to leading the way to a future powered by Computer Vision and next-generation technology.

We create solutions and offer cutting-edge Computer Vision services through the application of Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning technologies. We work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that address their specific challenges and enhance their success in the digital age.

Networking and Collaboration

At Visaltium we not only develop Computer Vision solutions, but we take the concept of collaboration to its maximum expression. We share our knowledge and code with our partners to strengthen our collaboration. In this way, our products are always accompanied by a transfer of knowledge, very useful for our clients. By working so closely we ensure that our products meet the current needs of customers, while preparing them to adapt to a future of innovation and constant change.

We apply the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Computer Vision in each of our projects. We maintain a constant commitment to research and development, ensuring our solutions are in sync with the latest advancements.


At the heart of our success is our highly trained and dedicated team. Each Visaltium member brings deep expertise in their respective disciplines, from Deep Learning algorithms to software development and vision systems design. We work together to overcome complex technical challenges and provide innovative solutions in the field of AI and Computer Vision.

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Computer Vision has become a fundamental tool in numerous sectors. At Visaltium we are proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, providing tailored solutions that transform entire industries using the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Industrial Vision

Optimizing quality and efficiency in production by enabling automatic product or label inspection, anomaly detection and manufacturing process monitoring.

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Robotics and Automation

Assistance in real-time decision making for robots in applications from Bin Picking to robot guidance to collaborative robotics.

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Automated classification of materials, such as glass, paper or plastic, improving recycling efficiency and quality.

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Computer Vision-based driver assistance systems, such as pedestrian detection and autonomous driving.

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Traffic monitoring, toll management and road safety through license plate reading or vehicle classification.

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Smart Cities

Contribution to efficiency in traffic management, public safety and quality of life in urban environments through automatic detection of pedestrians, vehicles and traffic lights.

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Logistics and Transportation

Supply chain optimization with vision systems for product or container tracking and warehouse automation.

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Analysis of customer behavior, improvement of their experience or reduction of fraud at the point of sale.

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Improving building security through real-time object and person identification, facial recognition, and intrusion detection.

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Precision Farming

Providing information on crop health, pest detection, harvest prediction and automation.

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Health and Medicine

Assistance in medical diagnosis, patient monitoring, telerehabilitation and robot-assisted surgery, improving precision and medical care.

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Architecture and Construction

Improving the user experience in building and interior design or for inspection and quality control processes.

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At Visaltium our team is the engine of our innovation and success. We have a group of highly qualified experts in various technologies and key capabilities that allow us to offer cutting-edge Computer Vision solutions.

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Cameras and Sensors

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Computer Vision

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Deep Learning

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Software Development

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At Visaltium we are committed to offering Computer Vision solutions that open a world of possibilities for various industries and applications. Our advanced technology and team are ready to transform your challenges into opportunities and bring your ideas to product. Explore our solutions and discover how Computer Vision can drive your success. Here we highlight some examples of solutions we have developed.