At Visaltium our team is the engine of our innovation and success. We have a group of highly qualified experts in various technologies and key capabilities that allow us to offer cutting-edge Computer Vision solutions.

Cameras and Sensors

We deeply value the quality and diversity of the data acquired in any Computer Vision process. Our team is highly trained in the management and integration of a wide range of cameras and sensors to ensure that each project obtains the most accurate and relevant data.

We understand that each application may require specific approaches and sensors. Therefore, our experience ranges from conventional RGB cameras to multispectral cameras, 3D cameras and depth sensors. This versatility allows us to address a variety of challenges, from three-dimensional perception and environmental monitoring to object detection in complex environments.

Computer Vision

We are experts in the development of advanced image processing algorithms and techniques, including segmentation, object detection, object tracking and pattern recognition. These capabilities allow our systems to see and understand the world in a human-like way.

Our experts have years of experience in this field and we are constantly updated with the latest trends and technologies in Computer Vision, allowing us to adapt and offer the most innovative solutions for each challenge we face.

Deep Learning

We have extensive experience in the application of Deep Learning techniques specifically in the field of Computer Vision. Our team has expertise in the creation and optimization of neural networks, being able to integrate different specific neural structures depending on the task to be performed.

Furthermore, by being at the forefront of advances in this constantly evolving field, we can apply all the new techniques and most recent models from the world of Artificial Intelligence in our developments, such as multimodality, for example in image, audio or video generation from text.


Our team has a solid command of Python frameworks widely recognized in the field of Artificial Intelligence, such as Keras, PyTorch, Tensorflow or MxNet. These tools are essential to develop accurate and efficient solutions. In addition, we have extensive experience using open source Computer Vision libraries such as OpenCV and commercial libraries such as Halcon. Our knowledge and experience in these frameworks allows us to select and apply the appropriate tool for each specific Computer Vision challenge.

Software Development

Our team has strong programming and software development skills, allowing us to create highly customized and scalable Computer Vision solutions that integrate seamlessly with our clients' existing systems. The solutions we offer can range from integrations of Artificial Intelligence models in different programming languages, with the generation of libraries or APIs, creation of FrontEnd, adaptations to different platforms and Cloud services such as AWS.


At Visaltium we understand that each client has unique and specific needs. Our client-centric approach allows us to work closely, understanding our clients' objectives and challenges, in order to design and develop solutions that perfectly align with their business vision. This flexibility is what allows us to offer solutions that exceed expectations and solve problems effectively, ensuring that each client obtains tangible added value from our Computer Vision expertise.